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One-click investments into a whole range of crypto funds

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Why use Prophet?

Crypto is taking off and you want to invest, but you don't know where to start? We got you covered. Crypto doesn't have to be risky and confusing.

Safe & Secure

Our funds are non-custodial and fully on-chain. We couldn't steal them even if we wanted to.

Bonus Profit

Your capital never sits still. Wether it is staking, yield farming or liquidity mining, we always have it working.

Dead Easy

Invest with cash or crypto, whatever you want. We automatically convert it to the right currency, no fees.

Cloud Computing

Powerful AI

We use the latest in AI to analyze social media trends and anticipate price movements.

Low Cost

By routing our trades through a multitude of exchanges, we guarantee lowest fee and slippage cost for every trade.


We automatically collect airdrops and send them to you. You'll also get access to our very own airdrops.


The Plan

What does the future hold? Let's look at Prophet's plan 👁️👁️

Q3 2022

🚀 We'll launch our first 3 funds! Join our Discord to learn more (and vote which ones we build first!)

Q4 2022

More funds for you to choose!

Q1 2023

L2 - let's move to layer two and save on gas fees :)

Q2 2023

Tokensale! Do you want to participate in ownership of Prophet itself and our vision?


Our Awesome Team

Yes, the dog is essential for community building.


Hugo Montenegro



Konrad Urban




Chief Cuteness Officer


Frequently Asked Questions

You send $$$ to one of our on-chain funds, crypto or fiat, for which the fund issues you a token in exchange. You then sit back and relax. The fund automatically executes your chosen strategy. You can come back anytime and retrieve your funds again.

We take a small 2% annual management fee from our passive funds, and a larger 9% fee for our actively managed funds.

Nope, not yet. We'll eventually launch one, but for now the only tokens are the fund-specific tokens.

At Prophet we use the battletested set of contracts from Set Protocol to ensure that our funds are safe. Some of the funds (and more going forward) are going to use the now standard ERC-4626 vault standard. Think of it as in the same category as erc-721, erc-20, and erc-1155



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